Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Like sands through the hourglass, so change the quarterbacks of the Lions

The Lions have a new quaterback and it's Jon Kitna. Not a bad aquisition, even though I have previously stated that I do have reservations about him.

If the Lions go with Kitna, you get what you get. And what is that? An established veteran who may take you to the verge of the playoffs. Odds are that it won't be much farther. In other words, a more personable Scott Mitchell. Maybe a younger Dave Kreig. But he'll only cost you money. Being a veteran, Kitna would be an easier sell as a starter to the rest of the Lions as well.

What's most interesting is the contract, for 4 (!) years. That leaves an opening for all kinds of speculation. Was Jon Kitna brought in to start? Kitna has been quoted in the past that he wants such an opportunity, that's why he left the Bengals. What of Joey Harrington, does he still figure in the Lions' long term plans? Harrington is due to make a huge amount of money this season. The Lions have till June 1st to make a decision on his roster bonus, and could still cut their losses. Are the Lions going to cut Harrington, ride Kitna for a few years, and draft a QB? Do they think Cutler or Young will drop to the nunber 9 pick? Or...Keep Harrington, and have Kitna has a quality backup? According to the Killer, he says it's the second scenario that is the likely one...

no, i don't think that kitna's four-year deal means the end of harrington ... i think it means the lions got tired of playing musical chairs at backup quarterback and they want someone who will be around for awhile and well-versed in the offense ... if harrington's not here next year, i think the lions make another move and go after a no. 1 quarterback ..

This signing leaves us with more questions than answers. Basically, who in the HELL is the starter? Kitna? Joey? Or is the QB who'll be under center in Spetember still not on the current roster? Your guess is as good as mine. I'm inclined to say that you don't sign Kitna without telling him that he'll get an opportunity to compete for the job. That's Lions speak for, "The job is yours as long as you don't screw the pooch in the preseason."

Look at the stats, and Kitna does have much better track record than Harrington. Shoot, we don't need even need to look at the stats, it's obvious. It could be that Mike Martz has a big say, and hasn't liked what he's seen of Harrington in his ongoing "QB school." Wobb Parker hinted as such in his lame "Locker Room Confidential" segment on WDIV's Sports Final Edition Sunday night. I hate to say this, but a blind squirrel may have stumbled over a nut.

Now that Kitna is under contract, we are guaranteed at least one thing. The annual Lions QB controversy begins now! Will Kitna vs Harrington rate up there with Layne vs Rote, Plum vs Sweetan, Munson vs Landry, Danielson vs Hipple, Peete vs Kramer vs Ware, Mitchell vs Batch, and Harrington vs Garcia? Talk about a "Murderer's Row" of QB's...

If it's a new season, it's the same old Detroit Lions QB controversy. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Or should I say, meet the new boss, same as the old boss...

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  1. I found a link to an article by Killer that says that, as of right now, it appears Harrington REALLY wants to get the hell out of dodge. I guess I can not blame him and I would love to see it happen! Never liked Joey, never will, and I hope he has a nice career somewhere getting gatorade for some real QB's.