Friday, February 03, 2006

Can't live with him, can't live without him

The teasing won't stop. Just when we've all reconciled ourselves to not getting a big name offensive coordinator, a glimmer of hope reappears. The Mike Martz to the Lions rumors just refuse to die. A report in the St. Louis Post Dispatch says that the Lions still have lustful feelings for Martz.

Apparently, the Detroit Lions aren’t quite ready to take “no” for an answer from Mike Martz.

According to league sources, the Lions contacted the former Rams head coach Friday, seeing if he would reconsider his decision not to take their offensive coordinator job.

Good Lord people... Doesn't the Lions front office realize they are looking like the desperate stalker of a hot chick in this situation? What are the odds Martz rebuffs this advance? Or asks for a restraining order?

Lets say Martz reconsiders, the two side compromise, and he takes the position. That's fine, we all have voiced both our concerns and hopes. Most feel Martz is worth the risk. Every Detroit fan would kill for a productive offense and Martz seems to be the best option still available.

But what if Martz says "No" again? Whomever takes the offensive coordinator position (Hue Jackson being the most prominately mentioned) after all that drama will be the epitome of "Sloppy seconds." Not the prettiest imagary, but fitting. The second choice would be the equivalent of being the girlfriend of a divorced guy who is still lusting after his ex-wife. He likes his girlfriend, but still loves his ex. I'm not sure I would want to walk into that situation.

At this point, I'd like the Lions to just hire a warm body, so we can all just move on...


  1. LOL -- loved the restraining order line!


  2. You know I would be crazy if I said I don't think he would help but I agree to what end? Like you said, if he says no a second time then it is clear the next guy will be sloppy seconds.

    Furthermore, if you go this "all out" for an offensive coordinator, I mean, come on, when does Rod Marinelli start to think "Damn, they didn't kiss my ass this bad and I run the ship!" At some point their are going to be too many egos to stroke here folks, and then you still have to deal with the divas on top of it.