Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Reading between the lines

Here's a snippet about our favorite victory cigar Darko from Chris McCosky's "Burning Questions" article in today's Detroit News.

There is still some serious upside to this guy. I don't think he's ever going to be a star, and given he was a No. 2 overall pick, most might use that and conclude he was a bust.

But I still see him having a long and somewhat productive career, perhaps one similar to that of a Rik Smits or Detlef Schrempf, guys who averaged around 14 points and eight rebounds over long careers.

Serious upside? Chris, anytime you compere the 2nd overall pick in the draft to Smits and Schrempf, he's a BUST! B. U. S. T. BUST. Anything the Pistons brain trust say at this point is pure Bill O'Reilly level bloviated spin.

The Freep's little fella actually decides to write, at least tangentally, about sports and comes up with this gem.

On ESPN's "The Sports Reporters" on Sunday, one of my colleagues said the Colts would "blow out" the Steelers by 20 points. Another said we'd see an emotional victory by Indianapolis. I predicted Indy would be ahead early. We all seemed so right.

How could we be so wrong?

I think some of it has to do with hot air. Mine. Ours. As the sports world has exploded, we've gotten so caught up in predictions, analysis, talk shows and the Internet that we act as if sports is a Rubik's Cube.

I believe Albom just wrote that he and the other ink stained wretches on ESPN are full of unadulterated shit! About time he fessed up to what we already knew...

In today's Oakland Press, Pat Caputo decides to write about something he's obviously well versed in, figure skating?

It doesn't appear that Emily Hughes will be competing in Turin. It seems her spot on the United States squad will be taken by Michelle Kwan, who has a groin injury and didn't skate at the U.S. nationals but petitioned for a spot on the team. A panel of 23 coaches, officials and athletes voted Kwan onto the squad by a 20-3 margin, pending a bizarre tryout. Kwan will skate a long and short program in front of five judges later this month. Then it will be decided whether she is healthy enough to compete at the Olympics. If Kwan goes, Hughes is out.

Pat, no one who reads your column gives a flying fuck about figure skating. Are you aware that figure skating is an athletic exhibition rather than actual competition? Just ask the French judge that was busted for fixing the "Scoring." (A term I'd use loosely...)

By the way, does anyone realize that the Winter Olympics are next month? Didn't think so...

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