Thursday, January 19, 2006

Meet Billy Marinelli

I'm Marinellied out. The events of today have been hashed and rehashed. So I'm keeping it short and sweet.

One thing was very noticable. Where were the Fords? They couldn't make the time to appear? I can understand Bill Jr. having better things to do, as he is trying to save the family business. But WCF? He has no excuses. Were they afraid of facing the press? Let me get out my Magic 8 Ball. "All signs point to yes."

Marinelli comes off as, to quote Joey Harrington, "Billy Badass."

He was big on the coachspeak, talking in generalities. Marinelli would not get specific about players or what offense/defense he would run. The there was lots of talk about working on conditioning, fundimentals and techniques, watching film, laying groundwork, taking care of the details, playing hard and smart, player improvement through playing harder and working together, changing habits and attitudes, hiring a staff that can teach and motivate. Those are nice thoughts, but it's nothing anyone who has played the game at even a high school level hasn't heard before. Talk is cheap.

I got the shivers when Marinelli mentioned he was close with Eric Hipple during his Utah St. days. He's got to learn to never bring up old Detroit QB's...

All in all though, Marinelli held his own. Not as slick as Mooch, but who is? He came across much better than Morninwheg, who acted the tough guy part. Marinelli doesn't need to act.


  1. Hey man, I appreciate your comments on my blog today. And I really enjoy what you've written here so far.

    I agree that Marinelli was a little heavy with the coach-speak, and talk about "watching tape," but I'm not sure what else we should've expected for an introductory press conference.

    If he's still throwing out "You have to play this game low" after Week 3 or so, it'll wear really thin.

  2. "I got the shivers when Marinelli mentioned he was close with Eric Hipple during his Utah St. days. He's got to learn to never bring up old Detroit QB's..."

    Glad my boss and I weren't the only ones...

  3. Ian,

    I appreciate the good word, thanks!

    I went into the presser pretty skeptical, but I was won over somewhat by his enthuisiasm. My guard is still up though. You're right when you say that he really couldn't say much. The introductory presser is more about getting one's personality across, and Marinelli definitely did that in a positive way.

    Thank God he didn't say anything close to Marty's "The bar is high." He was never able to live that down. But with Marinelli's drill instructor attitude,
    I do see potential for some Bobby Ross / Jim Mora style outbursts. Won't that be fun?

  4. Hey...(whatever your real name is!)

    Just checked out your blog for the first time today because I saw a referral to mine from yours and I thought, "Hmmmm...who is this new guy on the block?"

    Good stuff!